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These Terms and Conditions with number 2022/A are effective from 14/07/2022. All previous terms and conditions are cancelled.


Terms and Conditions


  1. General Rules. 1
  2. Customer’s Obligations. 3
  3. Identification Procedures. 5
  4. Deposits/Withdrawals. 10
  5. Safer Gambling. 12
  6. Inactive/Idle Accounts. 16
  7. Bets. 17
  8. Profits. 19
  9. Odds. 21
  10. Events. 21
  11. Errors and Omissions. 21
  12. Complaints. 21
  13. Data Protection Policy and Cookies. 22
  14. Limitation of Liability. 27
  15. Copyright and Access to Webpages. 28
  16. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction. 28
  17. Miscellaneous. 28


1.    General Rules

  • Megabetplus is a registered trademark, managed and used by Cleverpath Holdings Limited (HE354119), a company registered in Cyprus and with registered office address at 124 Strovolou Avenue, 1st floor, office 101, 2042 Nicosia. Cleverpath Holdings Limited is licensed and subject to the rules of the National Betting Authority of Cyprus, in accordance with license no. B0011 Class B Recipient B. The National Betting Authority is the public single regulatory authority responsible for managing all forms of betting in Cyprus.


  • All references to the words "we", "us" and "company" hereinafter refer to Cleverpath Holdings Limited, in the context in which they are expressed.

  • These Terms and Conditions apply to the use of the Games by you (as determined below) and the relevant online, mobile or other platforms through the Website and other relevant email addresses.


  • You are required to read and fully understand the Terms and Conditions before proceeding with registration. By clicking "Accept", these Terms and Conditions enter into force automatically, and it is considered that you have read, understood and accepted them. By visiting any part of our Webpage, you represent that you agree to these Terms and Conditions. Otherwise you do not agree with some of the Terms and Conditions, you should not use the Webpage.


  • You fully understand and are bound by the Terms and Conditions that are listed and which may be amended periodically.


  • Our Company reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions, provided that the relevant approval is obtained from the National Betting Authority, and informs you of this. If any terms is not accepted by you,then you have to stop using our site/amd your account.If however,you keep using our site after the new terms were released,it will be considered that you have accepted the terms and conditions.


  • The Terms and Conditions may be published in various languages ​​for informational purposes and ease of access to customers. You are bound only by the Greek version of these terms and regulations, and in case of ambiguity, the meaning given by the regulations in the Greek language shall prevail.


  • Our Company reserves the right to refuse any bet, wholly or partially.


  • We shall treat any breach of these Terms and Conditions as a serious matter and possibly take legal action that we deem proper and appropriate to protect our interests.


  • Any information provided by the employees of the Customer Service Department is only a type of guidance, and is subject to the rules of our Company mentioned above. Although we make every effort to ensure that the information provided to you is correct, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure that you understand what you are betting on, as well as the terms and conditions.


  • We must provide you with information regarding the balance of funds in your account, as well as the degree to which the funds are protected in case of insolvency. Your funds are kept separately from the funds of our Company, in a different bank account. In the event of insolvency, the funds held in this bank account are distributed to customers. This meets the Betting Law 2019 requirements (37(I)/2019), according to which the Company must keep in a special bank account the amounts of the players, which must be separate from the amounts of the Company.


  • Our Company reserves the right to refuse to open a betting account. In this case, our Company will notify its reasoned decision to the National Betting Authority.


  • Our Company reserves the right to close an account. To this end, [the Company] must give the proper justification to the customer and to the National Betting Authority. In this case, our Company shall repay the available amount of the account to the customer, in full.


  • Our Company reserves the right to close existing accounts. In the event of closing an account, the Company must sufficiently justify the reason to the player. In this case or in case of closure of the account by the customer themselves, the full Cash Balance of the account shall be paid, unless there are suspicions of fraudulent behavior; in these cases, if funds are withheld, a written justification shall be provided to the customer. Our Company also reserves the right to report to the competent authorities if a user is involved in any form of suspicious and fraudulent behavior.


  • Our Company reserves the right to close a customer account, to refuse or cancel bets, to refuse to grant a bonus or offer or to exclude a customer from any additional bonuses, fees or offers, when that customer has an abusive or threatening attitude during communication with the member service department.


  • In particular, we do not allow our customers to do any of the following:


  • To act on behalf of another person or a third party.


  • To deposit money derived from criminal activity.


  • To deposit money through a credit card which a customer is not authorized to use, or to knowingly withdraw money from such a card in any other way, by participating with a third party in order to do so.


  • Use their account or third party account for money laundering or other illegal purposes.


  • Use VPN, Proxy server, Tor Browsers, IP blockers or any kind of software or service to hide their email address and location. This is expressly prohibited, and our Company reserves the right to close any account, canceling any bets that have not been settled and returning all full deposits (deducting any completed withdrawals), in case one of our customers uses a corresponding method.


  • If you use a payment method of which you are not the account holder, and/or use funds that do not belong to you, including payment methods that have been stolen, copied or without the holder's approval, we reserve the right to treat the transaction as invalid (as well as the corresponding profits from this transaction).


2.    Customer´s Obligations

  • Our Company only accepts bets from customers over the age of 18. We reserve the right to cancel any transactions with minors or offenders. You declare and guarantee that you are older than 18 years.

If an Account Holder under the age of 18 is identified, any funds deposited as well as any funds resulting from profits from this account will be transferred to the National Betting Authority. If an Account Holder is a minor in accordance with the rules of jurisdiction applicable to his place of permanent residence, but is over 18 years of age, their betting account shall be closed immediately, all bets on their account shall be canceled and the deposits of this account shall be returned.


  • You declare and guarantee that all the information you provide to our Company during your registration and throughout the duration of this contract is true, complete and correct, and you must immediately inform our Company of any change in this information.


  • You declare and guarantee that you participate in the games strictly for purely recreational and entertainment purposes.


  • You declare and guarantee that you participate in the games on your own behalf and not on behalf of any other person.


  • You declare and guarantee that all the money you deposit in your account has not been stigmatized with any illegality and in particular does not come from an illegal activity or source.


  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep your Username and Password confidential. In case you are worried that the above is no longer valid, you must immediately inform our Company, at which time new information can be issued, while any future transactions based on the previous ones shall be canceled.


  • You must not share your login information (Username & Password) with anyone. Our Company is not responsible for any abuse or misuse of the account by third parties, due to the disclosure of connection details to them (intentionally or accidentally, actively or passively). Any losses due to this shall not be compensated by us and we shall not be liable in any way. Regarding this issue, we draw your attention to the Privacy Policy that you must read carefully, along with these Terms and Conditions.


  • You must not allow third parties to use your login information on your account. The customer fully accepts responsibility for the consequences arising from such an act and, without being excluded from the general terms of any other compensation contained herein, compensates in full on behalf of our Company in respect of damages arising from this case.


  • Residents of the US, France and Turkey are not allowed to open an account. Online gambling may be banned, wholly or partially, in certain areas of jurisdiction. If online betting is illegal under the legal order to which you belong, you can not complete your registration or open an account. We do not accept any liability for online gambling from individuals residing in legal classes where this is illegal.


  • When registering on our site, customers are required to fill in all the information fields of the registration form. Specifically, customers must enter:


  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • ID type and corresponding document number
  • Full Address
  • Contact Information (including a valid email address).

All of the above information should be true, complete and correct. This text informs you that our Company carries out verification procedures, and that your account may be blocked or closed, your betting activity and all bonuses canceled and your deposits returned if you are found to be providing false or misleading information and/or if the information provided is found to be inaccurate and/ or insufficient.


  • You are only allowed to open one account. It is not allowed to open multiple accounts. If we have a reasonable suspicion that one of our customers has opened multiple accounts on our site, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to freeze this customer account, or to transfer the original multiple account deposits to one (main account) and the rest will close, informing the customer in writing and the reasoning, and immediately notifying the National Betting Authority. It is further understood that in this case all winnings, bonuses and free bets, as well as winnings resulting from bonuses and free bets using multiple accounts shall be canceled. Customers shall also be liable to the Company for damages and expenses incurred as a result of the fraud.


  • We strictly forbid the use of robotic, mechanical, electronic or other devices, which automatically make decisions in any game, whether such use is attempted or made by any of our customers, or by a visitor, or by third parties. We reserve the right to close any account immediately if we have valid proof that the customer uses such means to place bets.


  • You acknowledge that our Company will be the judge of whether you have violated its rules, terms and conditions in a way that leads our Company to the suspension or permanent blocking of your participation in our Webpage. It is understood that in case of complaints, the final judge is the National Betting Authority.


  • It is the customer's responsibility to immediately inform our support services in case money is credited to our Company's account by mistake. If this happens, this money is not available for use, and we reserve the right to withdraw this money and cancel any transactions made through their use.


  • Changing Information


You are responsible for the proper notification and information of any changes made to your registration data. The changes are made according to the following procedure:


  • Send an email stating your details and the change you wish to make
  • Once the customer is confirmed, then our Company makes the desired change.

3.    Identification Procedures

In order to fully comply with the applicable Legal Framework for Combating Money Laundering, Directive 15.2021 of the National Betting Authority on Preventing and Combating Money Laundering, the principles of Safer Gambling and the prevention of any deception and other conflicts, Our Company reserves the right to ask the Customer to provide personal identification (passport, Cypriot identity, residence permit and other related documents), to verify the information presented during registration. The Customer agrees to present all the necessary documents during the registration, or whenever the company requests it.

In accordance with the Regulations of the National Betting Authority and the Cypriot Legislation, and to ensure that you continue to have full access to all the functions of your account without interruption, we must ensure that:


  • the information in your account is correct and valid, and
  • your account is authenticated.


  • Player´s identification

In order to place bets and use the services of our website, you are required to create a personal account. The registration of the personal account includes the following identification fields:


  • Certificate that you have completed 18 years of age
  • Name and surname, as written on the ID or passport
  • Date and place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Country, city or residence, home address
  • Number and order of identification document
  • Electronic address
  • Mail address
  • Phone number


If you do not fill in all the required fields on the registration form, the system will not allow you to complete the registration process.


The information provided on the registration form is verified using the risk-based approach described in the AML Policy (ML & TF risk evaluation) - the nature and complexity of the risk.


  • Player´s ID verification


Your identity information must be verified through documents, data and information from a trusted and independent source.


The initial verification is performed by the Company to confirm that the account has been registered based on real data, and that the Customer has reached 18 years of age.

For this purpose, the Customer must upload:

  • his/her ID Card or Passport or Alien Registration Card


  • Utility Account issued in his/her name, or Tax Account or Local Government Account issued within the last 6 months.

Alternatively, our Company may verify the player's address by sending a special code by mail, which the player then sends to the Company. The correspondence is confidential and the envelope used for the purposes of this correspondence does not include any logo or reference to our Company name.


  • Verify a player's email address by emailing them with instructions on what to do next. It is common practice to send special codes or a web link.


At its discretion, our Company may require additional proof of the Customer's identity at any time, regardless of whether the Customer has passed the initial verification. The list of additional documents may include (but is not limited to): digital photograph of the Customer with his/her passport, identity card, birth certificate, utility bill, bank account/card balance, etc.


In case you need any information or help, do not hesitate to contact Customer Service, and one of our representatives will be happy to help you. 



  • When the player’s authentication process takes place


The player data is verified in the following cases:


  1. within thirty days from the date of registration,
  2. when a player completes or exceeds the € 2,000 limit:

The €2,000 limit is calculated only on the basis of the player's deposits. It applies to the funds deposited by the player in his account, either in a single deposit or in a number of deposits (no other amounts such as promotional bonuses and winnings are counted),

  1. when a player requests a withdrawal from his/her account.



  • Customer´s Due Diligence


Complete due diligence procedures, including verification procedures, identification procedures, and the AML & TF policy, are developed based on the risk-based approach described in the AML Policy.


In order to carry out due diligence, employees use automated control systems, personalized controls and electronic registry controls.


Our company shall conduct additional identification procedures for those individuals considered to be at high risk of money laundering and terrorist financing. All transactions shall be monitored for the purpose of preventing money laundering and terrorist financing.


  • Advanced Customer Due Diligence


According to the current legal framework, the Company is required to implement advanced procedures, where the risk of money laundering is high. In order to comply with the mentioned legislation, the Company applies advanced methods of identification and customer due diligence regarding the high-risk players.


Advanced due diligence measures are applied when the player is classified as High Risk. The company always categorizes its players as High Risk and implements advanced due diligence measures when:

  • The player is a Politically Exposed Person.
  • The player is established in high-risk third countries.


Pursuant to Article 18 (a) of the Fifth Directive on Combating Money Laundering (EU) 2018/843, the company implements advanced due diligence measures, such as:

  1. Collecting additional personal information of the player
  2. Gathering information about the player's location
  3. The player submitting documents to document their financial situation and activity:
  1. Collecting information and documents on the source of funds deposited in the player's account
  2. Examining the history and purpose of all complex and high transactions, as well as transactions carried out without obvious purpose. In particular, they should intensify the scope and nature of the business relationship monitoring process in order to determine whether these transactions are suspicious.
  • Continuous and close monitoring (every year).
    1. Continuous monitoring for the detection of unusual activities or transactions, updating of information and profile data
    2. Approving the senior management for the continuation of the business relationship.


For this purpose, the Company may request the submission of additional documents, data and information that may be considered necessary, in case the player's conditions have significantly changed. If the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing by the player and/or if the Compliance Department deems it necessary for the Company to create the player's financial profile, then request the submission of additional documents, data and information on the financial profile of the players. Documents/Information regarding the source of funds that the Company may request from high risk players are listed in Appendix 1.


Regarding low risk players, a statement from the player about their financial background (e.g. occupation/business/annual salary, etc.) is sufficient.


Customer Due Diligence includes the full verification of documents, as well as any additional requirements, until all the control and identification standards of the competent Department are met. For example - at least two documents, issued by different authorities and confirming the address, a photo (self-portrait - selfie) with the ID in hand.


In addition, if there are doubts about the true identity of the player, the Company asks the player to provide a photo of them with the relevant document or photo or short video of their face and/or reserves the right to contact the player (either by phone, or via email).


 Advanced Customer Due Diligence can be carried out at any time of its activity, starting from the registration process and continuing with all further procedures - deposits, bets, withdrawals.


If the employee of the competent Department of our Company suspects that there is an application for PEP (Politically Exposed Person), he/she informs his/her Supervisor, who communicates and agrees for further action with the Company's Management.


  • Politically Exposed Persons


If a customer is a politically exposed person, or a close relative, or a person known as a close associate of a politically exposed person, the Company applies the following measures:


  1. Receives approval from senior management to continue a business relationship with such a person.
  2. takes appropriate measures to identify the source of wealth and capital involved in business or transactions with such a person;
  3. conducts an enhanced, ongoing monitoring of this business relationship
  4. applies the measures referred to in subparagraphs (1) (2) and (3) to family members or persons known to be close associates of a politically exposed person.


  • Ongoing Customer Due Diligence


  • The company carefully monitors all the actions performed by our customers on our website. Specifically, there is monitoring on Customers, monitoring on deposits, monitoring on bets and withdrawals.


  • The company examines the transactions that take place during the relationship with the customer to ensure that they are consistent with the financial profile and risk category of the player.


  • Ongoing audit is performed, according to the risk-based approach described in the AML Policy.


  • If the Customer can not adequately pass the due diligence checks in accordance with the terms of the Company, the Company will terminate its relationship with the Customer.


  • Depending on the case, the Company shall consider the possibility of submitting a report of suspicious transactions.


  • An Advanced Customer Due Diligence is required when unusual activity is discovered by the customer.


  • The Company must ensure that the documents, data and information kept in relation to a player account are up to date. For that reason:


  1. The Company requires the submission of new identification documents, if the ones it already has have expired.
  2. if, for any reason, the data and information collected by the Company about the player is inconsistent or inconsistent with the rest of the information in his possession, then the Company proceeds to review and re-evaluate the information and documents,
  • even if points (i) and (ii) do not apply, the Company must periodically evaluate and update, proportionally to the risk of the player, the information and data in its possession.



  • Failure or refusal to submit documents

  • Failure or refusal by a player to provide, either when the limit of €2,000 is exceeded, or after the completion of 30 days from the registration application, the required evidence and information to determine their identity or to create their financial portrait, without sufficient justification, results in closing the account.


  • If, during the business relationship, the player fails or refuses to provide the required evidence and information required (in case of a request for submission of new identification documents if they have expired), within a reasonable time, the Company immediately terminates the business relationship.



  • Factors that can lead to the termination of the player's account


When the player:

  • avoids providing the information requested
  • avoids giving clear information about their professional activities.
  • does not respond to emails/calls
  • provides information that is difficult or impossible to verify.
  • Third Party Identification Information Providers


Our Company uses databases from Third Party Providers for Customer control.


The following databases are used:


  • Risk Intelligence Database (Lexis Nexis and WiseBos ERP / RDC Screening)
  • Any other public source of information and data



  • Litigation procedure against money laundering


  • Our Company complies with the legislation for combatting money laundering. Our Company shall report any suspicious transaction to the relevant competent authorities of the Republic of Cyprus.


  • If you suspect any suspicious activity related to any of the games found on the Webpage, you must report it immediately to our Company.


  • Our Company has the right to suspend, block or even close your account and withhold funds if required to do so, in order to comply with relevant laws to combat money laundering.


4.    Deposits / Withdrawals



  • If you want to participate in betting/gambling, you will need to deposit funds into your account through an account or source owned by you. These funds can be used for betting and other gambling transactions. You can participate in any game only if you have sufficient funds in your account for this purpose. To avoid any doubts, your account will not be used as a Bank Account and, if we notice any deposits of funds and subsequent withdrawals without sufficient betting or gambling activity, we reserve the right to deduct an administrative fee depending on the deposits/withdrawals made in the account (regardless of whether we will close or temporarily cancel your account). We reserve the right to close the account if we identify such cases which raise suspicions in relation to money laundering.


  • Money deposited in one account cannot be transferred to another account.


  • Applications for withdrawal must be made through the Webpage. Our Company will not accept withdrawal requests by phone or e-mail. Company employees are prohibited from bypassing these orders.


  • We only accept payments in EUR (Euro). Any payment received by our Company in any other currency you have chosen as the currency of your Account, shall be converted into EUR based on the current exchange rate. Please note that any exchange premiums (extra costs above the usual for buying foreign currency) shall be charged to you.
  • Payment from the customer's account shall be made through the customer's bank account, or on a credit/debit card used for deposit.


  • Our Company reserves the right to request identification through a passport, identity card, or any form of identification deemed necessary for each withdrawal. For withdrawals in which a credit/debit card has been previously deposited, the Company has the right to request copies of the credit/debit card (front and back of the card). We advise you to leave only the first six and the last four digits of your card number visible, for your own protection. Also, cover the CVV/CVV2 number on the back of your card.


  • Our Company has the right to request identification of your address, requesting copies of utility bills, bank statements or any other document deemed necessary for this identification. If these copies are not received within a reasonable time from the date requested, then the Company reserves the right to cancel the withdrawal request, and/or temporarily block your account.


  • We shall not make any payment from a customer account to such a customer until the Company has verified that the customer's identity, age and place of residence have been properly verified.


  • We reserve the right to request:


  • a clear and legible photocopy of both sides of your VISA/Mastercard and/or your bank statement
  • an identity card with photo (ID) or passport
  • any other official personal identification document, which we deem appropriate, in order to confirm and verify your age and identity at any time, and in particular before the processing of your withdrawal


Where for any reason our customer refuses, or is not able to provide us with any of the required documents, we reserve the right to freeze this customer account or to close the account immediately by informing the player in writing, and the National Betting Authority.


  • Bets placed on credit or credit card will only be valid when we receive payment. If such a payment is not imminent, that bet will be automatically void before the event in which a bet has been placed begins.


  • Our company offers a wide range of withdrawal methods. Withdrawals can be charged depending on the method you have chosen. Any winnings can be withdrawn using the deposit method you used. For current withdrawals charges for each method, see the "Account" and "Withdrawal" pages. In addition, your bank may charge an additional fee upon your withdrawal. These amounts may vary periodically.


  • If the value of a deposit is not fully played out before a withdrawal is requested, the company reserves the right to charge the customer's account to cover all eligible costs associated with the deposit and withdrawal. If necessary, the value of the requested withdrawal can be reduced accordingly. The company can request additional proof of identification for all withdrawals, and conduct a thorough due diligence study in relation to withdrawals of funds not used for betting.


  • The company reserves the right to withhold funds from withdrawals, if these funds were not used for the express purpose of conducting betting and other gambling transactions.


5.    Safer Gambling

  • Every Customer may have access to the Safer Gambling Webpage, by selecting the “Safer Gambling” icon on the bottom line of the webpage The link appears continuously on all pages.


  • This page includes Safer Gambling tips, self-assessment tests, and information on gambling addiction counseling services.

  • Limits

  • Betting Limits

You can set a maximum bet limit, daily, weekly and/or monthly bet limit, through your account settings, customer service or online notification.


The day is determined as the period of 24 hours of a day (eg Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 23:59 (GMT + 0)). The week is determined as the period from Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until Sunday 23:59 (GMT + 0), while the month is determined as the period from the first day of the month until the last (eg 01/03/2016 00:00 03/2016 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 31/03/2016 23:59 (GMT + 0)).


You can lower your bet at any time through your account settings, either by email notification, or by contacting customer service. The definition of limits is immediately applicable, however for your protection, in case you wish to revoke the limits or increase the limit, your request will take seven days from the receipt of your request to take effect.


  • Maximum Bet Limit: Select the maximum amount you can bet per ticket.
  • Daily Betting Limit: Select the maximum amount you can bet in 24 hours.


  • Weekly Betting Limit: Select the maximum amount you can bet in 7 days.


  • Monthly Betting Limit: Select the maximum amount you can bet in 30 days.

To apply the betting limits, fill in the amount (€) in the corresponding field, the password, and click "Save Limit". If you do not want a limit, the corresponding field should be empty.


  • Loss limits

You can set a daily, weekly and / or monthly loss limit, through your account settings, customer service or online notification.


The day is determined as the period of 24 hours of a day (eg Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 23:59 (GMT + 0)). The week is determined as the period from Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until Sunday 23:59 (GMT + 0), while the month is determined as the period from the first day of the month until the last (eg 01/03/2016 00:00 03/2016 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 31/03/2016 23:59 (GMT + 0)).


You can, at any time, decrease the loss limit, through the account settings, or through online notification, or after contact with the customer service department. The definition of limits is immediately applicable, however for your protection, in case you wish to revoke the limits or increase the limit, your request will take seven days from the receipt of your request to take effect.


  • Daily Loss Limit: Select the maximum amount you can lose in 24 hours.


  • Weekly Loss Limit: Select the maximum amount you can lose in 7 days.


  • Monthly Loss Limit: Select the maximum amount you can lose in 30 days.


To apply the Loss limits, fill in the amount (€) in the corresponding field, the password and click "Save Limit". If you do not want a limit, the corresponding field should be empty.



  • Deposit limits

You can set a daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit limit, through your account settings, customer service or online notification.


The day is determined as the period of 24 hours of a day (eg Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 23:59 (GMT + 0)). The week is determined as the period from Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until Sunday 23:59 (GMT + 0), while the month is determined as the period from the first day of the month until the last (eg 01/03/2016 00:00 03/2016 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 31/03/2016 23:59 (GMT + 0)).


You can lower your deposit limit at any time through your account settings, either via email notification, or by contacting customer service. The definition of limits is immediately applicable, however for your protection, in case you wish to revoke the limits or increase the limit, your request will take seven days from the receipt of your request to take effect.


  • Maximum deposit limit: Select the maximum amount you can deposit per transaction.


  • Daily deposit limit: Choose the maximum amount you can deposit in 24 hours.


  • Weekly deposit limit: Choose the maximum amount you can deposit in 7 days.


  • Monthly deposit limit: Choose the maximum amount you can deposit in 30 days.


To apply the deposit limits, fill in the amount (€) in the corresponding field, the password and click "Save Limit". If you do not want a limit, the corresponding field should be empty.


  • Access Limits

You can set an hourly access limit per day, through your account settings, through the customer service department or via an online notification.


The day is determined as the period of 24 hours of a day (eg Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 23:59 (GMT + 0)).


You can lower the access limit at any time through your account settings, either via email notification, or by contacting customer service. The definition of limits is immediately applicable, however for your protection, in case you wish to revoke the limits or increase the limit, your request will take seven days from the receipt of your request to take effect.


  • Access Limit - Choose which days and hours of the week you want to access the webpage.


To apply the access limits, select the corresponding hours and days, fill in the password and click "Save Access". If you do not want a limit, the corresponding field should be empty.


  • Break from Gambling


You have the discretion to choose to restrict access to your account and/or to self-exclude from any game on the Website either temporarily or permanently.


If you wish to take a break from Gambling, you can request a temporary break, either through your account settings, or through the customer service department, or via email notification at:


You can request a temporary break for a period of 24 hours, 48 ​​hours, 7 days or 30 days.


The above is done immediately after receiving the corresponding e-mail from the Company.


Once you enable the break option, you will no longer be able to use your account. You will not be able to reactivate your account during the selected period. Your account shall be reactivated automatically at the end of the selected time period.


During the period when your account remains inactive, we will make every effort to ensure that no promotional material is sent to you. However, you may receive promotional material that has already been sent prior to your request for a break from Gambling.


  • Self-exclusion


Self-exclusion is a formal procedure in which you request the temporary or indefinite deactivation of your account.


The self-exclusion process is a joint commitment between the Company and your account. Creating a new account is expressly prohibited during the period of self-exclusion. The Company will in no case be liable in the event that someone successfully opens a new account by bypassing the control procedures, nor for any direct or indirect damage. The Company reserves the right to close an account that has been opened in violation of this rule at any time.


During the period when your account remains inactive, we will make every effort to ensure that no promotional material is sent to you. However, you may receive promotional material that has already been sent prior to your request for self-exclusion.


  • Temporary Self-Exclusion

You have the option to specify the number of days you wish to close your account, through your account settings, customer service or online notification.


The day is determined as the period of 24 hours of a day (eg Monday 00:00 (GMT + 0) until 23:59 (GMT + 0)).


Self-exclusion, as well as the increase of the self-exclusion period come into immediate effect. Self-exclusion removal is performed automatically upon completion of the self-exclusion period.


  • Permanent Self-Exclusion

You can close your account permanently (for life), through your account settings, through the customer service department or via email notification.


Self-exclusion takes effect immediately. The process of permanent self-exclusion is irreversible, it can not be lifted for any reason and you can not request the creation of a new account.


  • Closing the Account

If you wish to stop playing, you can close your account either through your account settings or through the customer service department, or via an online notification.


If you choose to close your account, you will no longer have access to it. If you wish to reopen your account, you will be asked to answer additional questions about your account, for your own security.


If you are concerned about your betting activity, if you are concerned about the effects of betting and need help, please select 'Self-Exclusion', or contact customer service.



  • Safer Gambling Rules


The following rules must be strictly observed:


  • Take regular breaks from games.
  • Decide prior, and set your daily and monthly betting limit.
  • Remember that, participating in gambling is a form of entertainment and not a legal means of earning money.
  • Decide how high the money loss may be for you.
  • Do not play under the influence of alcohol or drugs, if you are in a depressed mood, or when you are not completely rested and it is not possible to concentrate.


6.    Inactive / Idle Accounts


  • An Inactive Account is considered to be the player account in which no transaction has been recorded (deposit, withdrawal, betting) for a period of twenty-four (24) months.


  • The Company reserves the right to close or deactivate your account if it remains idle for more than 24 months. The Company must send you an email to your last known email address, in order to inform you about the closing of the account.


  • If your account maintains a positive balance at the time it becomes idle, then we will act accordingly to locate you based on the contact details we hold in our database, so that we can transfer the balance of your account to a bank account that you will determine to us. In case a player who has a positive balance in his/her account is not identified within one (1) month from the first attempt/action to locate and update it, the balance of his/her account shall be deposited with the Authority by bank transfer. The Company assures that it will take all possible actions to inform the account holders, through the registered contact details.


  • An idle player account is closed only if the account does not show any balance, either at the time it becomes inactive or after a transfer is made. Subsequently, the Company must send an e-mail to the last known e-mail address of the player, in order to inform them about the closing of their account and the execution of a transfer in relation to his balance.


  • An account is considered inactive if it is not logged in for 12 months. If, after this period, we do not manage to contact you, or there is no movement in your account, then the monthly inactive account fee will amount to €5, which shall be deducted from your balance. When your balance is zero then the account will be closed.


7.    Bets


  • The minimum bet is EUR 0.03 per column and/or EUR 1.00 per coupon, or equivalent in another currency.


  • Each bet can only be placed by a registered user.


  • Each bet can only be placed online.


  • . Each bet can only be placed if the user has sufficient money in their account. Credit bets are not accepted.


  • Each bet is considered to have been placed, once the confirmation of acceptance of the respective betting offer has been received by the Company. If a number of bets have been placed by the user, they will be processed in the order in which they were received.


  • All bets are subject to acceptance by the Company and shall be confirmed to the customer at the time of deposit of the bet, and thus become binding on the Company.


  • The live betting schedule can be modified at any time due to changes in the broadcasters' broadcast schedule.


  • In the event that a bet with the wrong odds is placed due to a delayed 'Live' coverage of an event, then bets will be void.


  • Where we have reason to believe that a bet has been placed, while the outcome of the event is known, (even if it is only known to the person who made the bet) we reserve the right to cancel the bet.


  • Betting on events in which the user is either directly involved or has access to confidential information is prohibited. If there is a suspicion of violation of this rule, the Company reserves the right to cancel the bet and refuse to pay the winnings. The Company also reserves the right to take further action to protect its legitimate interests, and to comply with other applicable laws and regulations.


  • We reserve the right to suspend the bet during an event due to incorrect transmission or other technical reasons, or if we suspect fraud.


  • We further reserve the right to cancel bets even at a later time, if the customer won such a bet as a result of a technical failure or error, including, but not limited to, a transmission error or mistake. In any such case the bet amount of the bet or game will be re-credited to the player's account. Nevertheless, we reserve the right to hold a customer liable for any damage caused or suffered as a result of the fact that such a customer knowingly took advantage of a technical or managerial error in making and/or receiving payments.


  • We shall determine the deadline for placing bets under our discretion.


  • We will not tolerate intentional and repeated incidents of late placing bets. We consider this fact a fraud, and we shall deal with it accordingly.


  • If information is disclosed during the period of accepting the bets, through which the result of the bet can be determined, the deadline for acceptance of the bets shall be determined again or the bet will be canceled.


  • We do not take responsibility for the correctness, completeness or up-to-date status of the information services provided. Although we will try to ensure that the information/data we provide is correct and accurate, if an error occurs, whether it is a human error or an error due to technical problems, we do not accept any liability arising from that error or because we based some of our data on anyone. Also, the Company does not take any responsibility for the accuracy of live scores, statistics and intermediate results in live betting.


  • We reserve the right to refuse any bet or part of a bet. If the Company closes an account, the player and the Authority shall be informed in writing and justify its decision. In addition, we reserve the right to close a customer account and return the balance of their account. In this case, the outstanding bets shall be settled accordingly.


  • Customers must register their bet requests as individuals. Repeated requests containing the same options from the same or different customers may therefore be considered invalid in the following circumstances:


  • Where we believe that customers act in collusion, or in an organized manner.
  • Where betting requests have been submitted within a short period of time.


  • A bet will be valid even if one of the participants does not start or leave the contest, unless otherwise stated.


  • The company reserves the right to set betting limits and increase the time lag when placing live bets on customer accounts. Customers are not allowed to bet more than their personal account.


  • Each time the user places a bet/bets, he automatically acknowledges that he has read, understood and fully accepts all the terms and conditions of the game regarding bets offered by the Company, as they are presented on the Webpage.


  • When you place an online bet, you are solely responsible for the transactions of your own account. Please make sure you review your bets for errors before sending them for validation. Once a transaction is completed, it cannot be modified. We do not accept any liability for deficit or double bets made by customers, and we will not accept requests between a will and a declaration of intent for errors of omission of double bets. Customers should also review the transactions in the "Pending" section of our website after each session to ensure that all requested bets have been accepted.


  • Multiple bets (paroli) that combine different options in the context of the same event are not accepted, where the outcome of one affects or is influenced by the other. Special prices may be provided for the combined event. When a special value is not available and such a bet is received incorrectly, it will be settled as two single bets with an equal share of the bet.


  • Users have the option to set personal betting limits per week. The limit can be lifted only if the user contacts the Company and confirms the removal, via email.


  • If there is any suspicious betting activity, the Company reserves the right to further investigate in collaboration with the National Betting Authority and the Anti-Concealment Unit. Until the process is completed, bets will remain open.


8.    Profits

  • 8.1 The maximum payout per bet/bet-system is limited to €70,000.00


  • 8.2 The maximum daily profit per customer is limited to €100,000.00


  • 8.3 The maximum weekly profit per customer is limited to €200,000.00


  • Customers are not permitted to place multiple bets using the same similar combination of events if the potential payout is greater than that specified in paragraphs 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3. If the Company realizes that a user has placed a number of bets from different accounts, then the above limits will apply to all accounts without exception. The Company reserves the right to lock the relevant accounts and cancel all bets placed through them. The bets on the relevant bets shall be returned to the user, but not the potential winnings.
  • All winnings shall be credited to the customer's account.


  • Maximum payout per customer per day is set as follows:


  • Football


  • €70,000 per bet for all Men's International Matches and the following events: English Premier League, Championship, Ligue 1, Ligue 2, FA Cup, Spanish Primera Division, Italian Serie A, German Bundesliga I, French League and UEFA Europa League, final results (1-X-2) only. Other bets €30,000 only.


  • €50,000 per bet for the following events: Australian A-League, Scottish Premier League, English National League, Norway Tippeligaen, Portuguese Primera Liga, Swedish Allsvenskan, English League Cup, Segunda Spain, Serie B Italy, Bundesliga II Germany League, French League 2, Denmark Superleague, Dutch Eredivisie, Finland Veikkausliiga, 1 J-League of Japan, Adeccoligaen of Norway, Superettan of Sweden, MLS USA, Bundesliga of Austria, Belgium First Division A, 1st Division of Denmark, Scottish League 2, Switzerland Superleague, Greece Superleague and Turkey Superleague - final results (1-X-2). Other bet types €20,000 only.


  • €20,000 per bet slip for all Cyprus 1st Division and Cyprus Cup matches in all types of bets.


  • €20,000 per bet for all other football competitions and qualifying rounds of all competitions, including UEFA Champions League, Europa League and FA Cup qualifiers (not valid for International) qualifying rounds. Final results (1-X-2) only. Other bet types €10,000 only


  • €5000 per bet slip for all Cypriot matches B and C Category, in all types of bets.


  • €30,000 per bet slip for all long-term bets (antepost/outrights).


  • The Maximum Payout for All Other Sports is €15,000 per bet (includes Beach Soccer/Futsal and Beach Volleyball and all long-term bets (antepost/outrights).




A "Bet" with football options, of which 1 option concerns a Cyprus match, is necessarily calculated with the maximum limit of the Cypriot Games (if the maximum payment limit for the Cypriot Games is lower). E.g. Man utd, Chelsea, Bayern, Omonoia (Maximum payment limit €20000 per bet slip)


All maximum payouts referred to in these rules apply to any "Customer", or to a group of customers who bet jointly, and bet on the same or similar subject matter option, even if this is done in a series "Betting", at a number of prices, within a few days. If the "Company" has reason to believe and deems that a number of "Bets" has been played in this way, the final payment of these "Bets" in combination, shall be limited to a single maximum payout, as mentioned above.


9.    Odds

  • All bets will be settled on the odds offered at the time the bet was placed. We reserve the right to change the odds at any time.


  • All odds apply to actual results at the end of the game. The extension is not valid, unless otherwise stated.


  • If a game is stopped or canceled, it shall be settled according to paragraph 1.16 of the General Regulations.


10.  Events


  • Suspicions of an irregular conduct of a match or sporting event may lead the Company to withhold payments until a full investigation is conducted. Any such investigation will be conducted by the Company in collaboration with the relevant governmental or independent authorities. Any bets placed on such events can be declared void and bets shall be refunded.


  • Customers are not allowed to place bets, directly or indirectly, on events in which they participate in any way. These include, but are not limited to, match players, coaches and managers or employees of the club or team. We reserve the right to take all necessary measures, in particular as provided in these Terms and Conditions, if there is a breach or if it comes to our attention.

11.  Errors and Omissions

  • We reserve the right to cancel any bets made after the start of an event or on an obviously 'wrong' line, ie an obvious odds error.


  • In case our company accidentally credits your account with profits and/or funds, which do not belong to you, this amount remains the property of the company and will be deducted from your account. If the mistake is noticed by the company after the credit of the money, which does not belong to you, has been completed, then this incorrectly paid amount constitutes a debt that you owe to the company. In such a case of incorrect credit, automated attempts are made by the payment provider to correct the incorrect credit by debiting your respective account, as well as you must inform us immediately via e-mail.

12.  Complaints


  • We are proud of the high level of service we offer in Customer Service. Regardless of the problem, the competent customer service team is ready and available to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently. If any problem arises, simply follow the steps below and it will be resolved soon.



  • You can also use the communication methods available in the support department of our website, in order to contact a representative of our Company who will help you and guide you in whatever you want.


  • Our team is well trained and fully equipped to answer any question. The service is available 7 days a week via e-mail and telephone. In the unlikely event that our team does not respond satisfactorily to your questions, at the earliest opportunity you can request and contact the head of the Customer Service team.


  • From our part, we will make every effort to deal effectively with any of your concerns, at the same time, if you are not satisfied you can contact the National Betting Authority of Cyprus (NBA) or by email to the email address of the National Betting Authority You can find more information on their services on . In case of complaints, the final judge will be the National Betting Authority.

13.  Privacy Policy and Cookies

  • The Privacy Policy describes how, managed by CLEVERPATH HOLDINGS LIMITED, processing your personal information and the data you provide to us in order to be able to manage your business relationship with you. We manage the personal information you provide to us, and it is maintained by us in the manner set forth in this Privacy Policy.


  • CLEVERPATH HOLDINGS LIMITED, managing the is a company situated in Cyprus. The registered office of the company is located at 124 Strovolou Avenue, 1st floor, office 101, 2042 Nicosia, Cyprus and is regulated by the National Betting Authority (NBA) of Cyprus.



  • The personal data we collect

Your personal information, which we collect and use, relates to the following categories:

  • Personal identity and contact information that you provide to us by filling out the registration form on the website, or any other information that you submit to us through the website or via e-mail.


  • The verification documents provided for identification, verification of payment methods and any other documents/data, which are required for the purpose of confirming the source of wealth (source of wealth) to verify your transactions or which we may request due to our obligations based on the law.


  • Contact information via website, email, telephone or other media.


  • Your answers to the questionnaires or surveys we conduct.


  • Transaction details, including financial account information, and any other documents/data required for the purpose of verifying the source of wealth to verify your transactions, which you may provide to us through the Webpage, telephone or other means. Details of your site visits, including traffic information, site information, sessions, and other contact information.


  • Phone calls or conversations to and from the Customer Service Department are recorded for security and training purposes along with the resolution of questions arising from the service we provide.

We do not collect specific categories (eg data on racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, processing of genetic or biometric data and data relating to health, natural sex life) or sexual orientation) on a regular basis, however, we may receive such data from you if you tell us that you have trouble controlling your betting activity. We would consider this data equivalent to health data and protect it accordingly.


  • What are cookies

A "cookie" is a small text file that consists mainly of letters and numbers that are downloaded to your device when you visit a website. Our Website uses cookies and similar technologies (eg pixel tags, web beacons, clear GIFs and JavaScript) to identify your browser and manage and analyze logins, making our Website more user-friendly, efficient and secure to the user.

In this Privacy Policy, we refer to cookies and similar technologies using the term "Cookies."

For more information about cookies, how they are used and how they are applied to the use of your personal data, as well as for their management and/or deletion, please visit:



  • Use of Cookies

We use cookies as a means of collecting information from an internet server for the following reasons, when a member visits the website. If you register with us or continue to use the website, you agree to the cookies policy.

Cookies contain information that is transferred to your computer's hard drive. They help us to improve the website and provide better and more personalized services. Some of the cookies we use are necessary for the website’s operation.

If you want to delete all cookies that have already been stored on your computer, or to stop cookies that record browsing habits on the website, you can do so by deleting existing cookies and/or changing your browser privacy settings to block cookies (the procedures you follow will vary depending on your browser). Please note that deleting our cookies or disabling cookies in the future may result in problems accessing certain internal websites or services.

How do we use your personal data?

We use your personal data to:

  • Create, operate and manage your account.
  • Participate in games and perform related functions to participate in them.
  • Carry out identification procedures for your participation in the games.
  • Promote your bets, including card payments and online payments.
  • Comply with the legal and regulatory frameworks governing our activities, including personal data transmission, personal transaction data and traffic data to the authorities.
  • Create personal profiles for the purposes of risk assessment against money laundering.
  • Fraud prevention, money laundering and fraud transactions, including personal data with Payment Service Providers (PSPs).
  • Conducting research, questionnaires and analysis.

When you agree, we use your data to provide you with information about changes to the Website, new services and offers. If you do not want to receive marketing information, you have the right to deactivate this service.


  • Transfers within our Group

Your personal data is transferred to our group companies, which provide us with processing of customer data based on a contractual agreement between us, in accordance with the GDPR. The companies of the group process your data on our behalf, in order to provide you with the following services:

  • Customer Support
  • Payment processing
  • Controls against fraud and money laundering
  • Marketing (where consent has been given - further information below)

We have ensured that the data transfers between the departments of our Company are done in accordance with the provisions and security measures provided by the Regulation on Personal Data Protection (EU2016/679) and the one on the Protection of Individuals against the Processing of Personal Data and the Free Movement of this Data Law of 2018 (Law 125 (I)/2018.


  • Third party data transfers

When processing your betting account and related transactions, you may need to turn to credit rating agencies, fraud and money laundering agencies in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Money Laundering Act. modified or replaced.

The purpose of these communications is to ensure:

  • Assess if you are politically exposed, or subject to financial sanctions.
  • Assess if your personal information is similar to that of people suspected of fraud or money laundering.
  • Confirmation of your personal data by electronic means, comparing with third party databases.
  • When information is requested from payment service providers in connection with fraud investigations, we shall provide your personal information if the request for information is intended to protect your rights and/or the legitimate interest of the company to protect you from possible fraud.



  • Transfers to Regulatory Authorities

In order to fulfill our legal obligations, we may be asked to transfer your personal data to:

  • National Betting Authority (NBA) of Cyprus
  • MOKAS (Unit for Combatting Money Laundering)
  • Cypriot tax authorities
  • Other law enforcement agencies (Police, Attorney General), where requested

This includes the transfer of all your personal data, the verification documents, payments and betting history, the history of communications with our Company, as well as any other information we have about you. The methods of data transfer can be imposed by the competent authority, over which we have no control.


  • Retention and disclosure of information

After the closing of each account, we retain your personal data for a period of at least 5 years from the date of the last transaction, in accordance with the Betting Law, the tax obligations as well as the obligations of keeping records. The personal data shall be kept for a period of at least five (5) years from the date of the last transaction and can not be destroyed any of the data related to the account unless the period of five (5) years has passed and the approval of the Authority is obtained in advance. (Article 61).
More specifically:

  • For up to one (1) year: Details of your visits to the website, which include but are not limited to visit dates, website information, sessions and other contact details, as well as phone calls to and from Customer Service Department
  • For up to five (5) years from the last activity: personal identification and contact information you have provided to us through the website, email, telephone or other means.
  • For up to five (5) years from the last activity: personal identification and contact information you have provided to us through the website, email, telephone or other means.

We will also retain your personal data for the purpose of presentation and processing in the event of an appeal or legal proceeding, in which you, we or the competent authorities may be a party to the provision of our services to you.

If your account in any of the above cases is not active, then we will not process your personal data, except for our compliance with the above obligations.All such information is stored in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

All such information is stored in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


  • The rights of your personal data

You have the right to:

  • access to the personal information you provide.
  • request a correction of personal data that you consider incorrect.
  • request to restrict data processing.
  • request data deletion.
  • file an objection to the processing of your data.
  • request to export your data.
  • be informed about automated individual decision making, including profile.

You may exercise your rights in accordance with applicable law, which may include restrictions on when you may exercise those rights. You can exercise these rights by contacting us at

You also have the right to file a complaint on the website of the Office of the Personal Data Protection Commissioner which can be found at  &


  • Cookies’ Settings

Any user can decide whether or not to accept the Cookies. Users can configure their browser to allow cookies only in individual cases, excluding the acceptance of cookies in all or some cases and to enable the automatic deletion of cookies when closing their browser. With these settings, a user still has full access to our Website, however their preferences will need to be manually adjusted each time they visit, and some features may not work well.


  • Changes to the Privacy Statement

Any changes that may be made to the Privacy Policy in the future will be posted on this page and will take effect upon posting. You shall be notified of any changes to the Privacy Policy, regardless of the significance of those changes, and shall have the opportunity to view those changes, and decide if you wish to remain our client before they take effect.

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 10/2020.

14.  Limitation of Liability

  • The contents of our websites are provided "as is". No guarantee is provided, direct or indirect, other than that arising from applicable law, regarding the accuracy of the listed contents of the websites. We reserve the right to review the Websites, or to terminate access to them at any time.
  • We bear no responsibility for computer malfunctions, failure of the telecommunication line or internet connections or for your attempts to participate in the games with methods, means or ways that are not in the intentions of our Company.
  • We may temporarily discontinue part or all of our services for any reason. We can, but we do not have to, inform you in advance, as is logically practical. Please note that bets that have already been validated will be settled.

15.  Copyright and access to webpages

By accessing our Company's website, you agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. You must not enter our site if you do not agree to these terms and conditions.

16.  Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


You agree that your access to and use of the Services, the Website, the Software, the Information and the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.


17.  Miscellaneous

  • As a condition for your use of this website, you guarantee to our Company that you will not use the website for illegal purposes or prohibited by these terms and conditions and disclosures.


  • If any part of this agreement is void or is not enforceable under applicable law, including, but not limited to, the disclaimers or limitations of liability as set forth above, then the invalid or unenforceable term will be waived in favor of a strong and applicable term that best fits the intent of the original provision, while the rest of the agreement shall remain in force.


  • The reservation is reserved for any rights not expressly granted herein.


  • If there is a dispute arising from these Terms of Use, which can not be resolved by our Company, it must be referred, before taking any other measures, for consideration to the National Betting Authority of Cyprus (NBA), address, telephone number +357 22881800.


Appendix 1


Documents/Information regarding the capital source that the Company may request from high-risk players

Capital Source / Information - Documents that may be requested

  • Income from employment


• Nature of the employer’s business

• Name and address of employer


• Monthly salary and bonus for at least 5 years

• Pay slip from the previous month

• Confirmation from the employer regarding annual salary

• Income Statement from the Social Insurance Department, or tax form, if the player is self-employed

  • From savings/statements/investments


• Information of wealth source


· Bank Account Statement

  • From properties’ sales


• Details about the property sold (i.e. Address, date of sale, sale value of property sold, involved parties)


• Copy of the sales agreement

• Property title deed and bank statement showing incoming balance transaction from the sale

  • From the sale of shares or other investments


• Date of sale

• Sale value of the shares sold and how they were sold


• Copy of the agreement, or

Proof of transaction/confirmation or

• Shareholder certificate.

  • From loan/lending


• Amount, date and purpose of the loan

• Name and address of the Lender


• Loan agreement

  • From company sale


• Total selling price

• Nature of the business

• Date of sale and receipt of money


• Copy of the sales agreement

• Research in the Companies Registrar

• Name and address of the company

  • From Company Profits/Dividends

Company Profits:

• A copy of the most recent audited financial statements, or

• Copy of the most recent management accounts

• Tax return form


• Approval of the Board of Directors and

• Dividend distribution

  • Inheritance


• Name of the deceased

• Date of death

• Relationship with the player

•Delivery date

•Total amount

• Information of a lawyer


• Tax clearance documents or               

• Certificate of lawyer

  • From donation


•Delivery date

•Total amount

• Customer relationship


• Letter from a donor explaining the reason for the gift and the source of the donor's wealth, and

• Donor identification documents, and

• Source of donor wealth.

  • Pension


• Annual Pension Statement.

  • Other sources of income


• Nature of income

• Amount

• Date received, and by whom


Any suitable document (s)


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