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  1. General rules

1.1 The Company reserves the right to modify these rules, as well as the terms and conditions upon approval of the National Betting Authority and after informing its clients accordingly. Any changes to the terms and conditions shall be communicated before they enter in force and the client shall confirm that he/she has been informed before the changes become binding on the client. Any such communication shall be provided according to these rules and conditions, and all versions shall include the number of the current version, as well as the date of the entry in force. The player shall only be bound by the Greek version of these terms and rules, and in case of ambiguity, the meaning attributed to the rules in the Greek language shall prevail.

1.2 The Company reserves the right to refuse any bet in whole or in part.

1.3 Any reference to the words “we” and “us” will be reference to the Company based on the context.

1.4 We shall handle all breaches of these Terms and Conditions as a serious matter, and we may take any legal action we consider suitable and appropriate to safeguard our interests.

1.5 All information provided by the employees of the Customer Service Department shall be provided as guidance alone and shall be subject to the rules of the Company mentioned above. Although we make every effort to ensure that the information provided to clients is correct, clients are finally responsible for ensuring that they understand the object of the bet, as well as the terms and conditions.

1.6 Megabetplus is a registered trademark which is managed and used by Cleverpath Holdings Limited (HE354119), a company registered in Cyprus and with registered office address at 124 Strovolou Avenue, 1st floor, office 101, 2042 Nicosia. Cleverpath Holdings Limited is licensed and subject to the rules of the National Betting Authority of Cyprus in accordance with Class B Bookmaker license no. B0011. The National Betting Authority is the single public regulatory authority responsible for managing all forms of betting in Cyprus.

1.7 We are obliged, based on our license, to inform our clients about the status of the funds in their accounts, as well as about the extent to which such funds are protected in case of insolvency. Our clients’ funds are kept separate from the funds of theCompany, in a different bank account. In case of insolvency, the funds kept in this bank account shall be distributed to the clients. This is in line with the requirements of the Gambling Commission regarding the separation of clients’ funds at the level of medium security.

1.8 These rules are in the Greek language.

  1. Client’s responsibility

2.1 The Company shall only accept bets from clients aged 18 and/or over. We reserve the right to cancel any transactions with minors or violators.

2.2 It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that his/her username and security data are kept secret. If a client is worried that this is no longer the case, he/she must notify the Company immediately, so that new details can be issued, while any future transactions using the previous data shall be cancelled.

2.3 The Company reserves the right to refuse to open a betting account. In this case, the company shall communicate its reasoned decision to the Authority.

2.4 The Company reserves the right to close an account at its discretion, by giving the client and the National Betting Authority appropriate justification. In this case, the Company shall pay out in full the balance available in the client’s account.

2.5 Residents of the United States of America, France and Turkey are not allowed to open an account. Internet betting may be prohibited partly or in whole in some jurisdiction areas. If internet betting is illegal according to the legal order you come under, you are not authorized to complete your registration or open an account. We shall bear no responsibility for internet gambling and betting by persons who reside in legal orders where such activities are illegal.

2.6 Upon registering with our site, clients are obliged to:

•            Register using their own name and surname, by providing correct, accurate, full and updated data.

•             Register their place of residence in a correct, accurate, full and updated manner.

•             Enter a valid email address.

•             Enter a landline for their home or a mobile phone number that can be matched with the client’s name and surname.

We reserve the right to close immediately any account if it ensues that the information provided is inaccurate or insufficient.

2.7 Clients are allowed to open one account only. Opening more accounts is prohibited. If we have reasonable suspicion that a client of ours has opened numerous accounts on our website, we reserve the right at our absolute discretion to freeze the account of such client and/or to transfer the initial deposits of the multiple accounts to one single (primary account) and to close the other accounts, informing the client about it in writing with a justification of our reasoning, and notifying the National Betting Authority immediately. It is further understood that in this case, all profits, bonuses and free bets, as well as profits resulting from the bonuses and free bets through the use of multiple accounts shall be cancelled. Moreover, the clients shall be liable towards the Company for any losses and expenses incurred as a result of the fraud.

2.8 More specifically, our customers are not allowed to do the following:

•             Act on behalf of another person or third party.

•             Deposit money which originates from criminal activity.

•             Deposit money via a credit card which the client is not authorized to use or knowingly collect money from such a card in any other way, in collusion with a third party with the purpose of acting this way.

<•             Use the account of a player or third party for money laundering or other illegal purposes in any way whatsoever.

•             Use VPN, Proxyserver, TorBrowsers, IPblockers or any kind of software or service in order to hide their IP address and their location. This is explicitly prohibited and the Company reserves the right to close any account, by cancelling any bets that have not been settled and by giving a refund for all initial deposits (taking out any withdrawals completed) in case one of our clients uses a similar method.

2.9 We strictly prohibit the use of robotics, mechanical, electronic or other devices that take decisions automatically in any game, whether such use is attempted or actual by any or our clients or a visitor or third party. We reserve the right to close any account immediately, if we have valid proof that the client is using such means to place bets.

2.10 The Company reserves the right to close or de-activate your account without notice if your account remains inactive for

  1. Deposits / Withdrawals / Limits

3.1 The money deposited to an account cannot be transferred to another account.

3.2 The payment from the client’s account shall be made through the client’s bank account or a credit/debit card which was used for a deposit.

3.3 We reserve the right to request:

•            A clear and legible copy of your VISA/Mastercard and/or your bank statement

•            An Identity Card (ID) or passport with your photo

•            Any other official personal identification document, which we consider suitable in order to verify and confirm your age and identity any time and especially before processing your withdrawal.

3.4 If for any reason whatsoever our client refuses or is not able to provide any of the necessary documents, we reserve the right to freeze or close such client account immediately, by informing accordingly the player and the National Betting Authority in writing and justifying our action.

3.5 Clients shall remain responsible at all times for keeping their accounts secret and for protecting such secrecy. Clients must not allow third parties to access or use their accounts. We shall not pay damages for any losses incurred as a result thereof and we shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever. With respect to this issue, we draw your attention upon the Privacy Policy, which you must read carefully, together with these Terms and Conditions.

3.6 Clients must not allow any third parties to log into their accounts. Clients shall take full responsibility for the consequences resulting from such an act and, without being exempted from the general terms regarding any other damages included in this document, shall pay damages severally on behalf of the Company in relation to failures/losses incurred from this.

3.7 We shall not make any payment over one thousand euros (EUR 1,000) from a client account to such a client, until the Company has confirmed that the client’s identity, age and place of residence have been verified as appropriate.

3.8 Bets placed via credit or credit card shall only become valid when we receive the payment. If such payment is not forthcoming before the event for which the bet has been placed, the bet shall become void automatically.

3.9 In case of a withdrawal request from the client without any betting activity before such request, we reserve the right, at our absolute discretion, to charge the client account with the deposit and withdrawal expenses incurred by our Company.

3.10 Limits

You can set a daily, weekly and/or monthly deposit limit, either through the settings of your account or through the customer service department.

Enter the amount you want in the respective field, enter your password and then click on “Save”. If you do not wish to have a limit, the respective field must be blank.

A day is defined as the 24hour period of a day (e.g. Monday 00:00 (GMT+0) until 23:59 (GMT+0)). A week is defined as the time period from Monday 00:00 (GMT+0) until Sunday 23:59 (GMT+0), while a month is defined as the time period from the first day the last day of the month (e.g. 01/03/2016 00:00 (GMT+0) until 31/03/2016 23:59 (GMT+0)).

You can reduce the deposit limit any time through the account settings or by contacting the customer service department. Any reduction in the deposit limits shall apply immediately (if determined through your account settings) and within 24 hours (if requested through the customer service department).

Moreover, you can remove or increase deposit limits. You will have to go back to your account settings and confirm the removal or increase of the limits, 7 days after your new request.

Finally, by sending an email to, a registered player can:

•             Restrict the limit of potential weekly loss through the bet. A week is defined as the time period from Monday 00:00 (GMT+0) until Sunday 23:59 (GMT+0). The player can reduce further the limit of the potential weekly loss any time. The player can also increase or remove the limit of the potential weekly loss 7 days after the previous request for a reduction.

•             Restrict the potential weekly betting limit. A week is defined as the time period from Monday 00:00 (GMT+0) until Sunday 23:59 (GMT+0). The player can reduce further the weekly betting limit any time. The player can also increase or remove the weekly betting limit 7 days after the previous request for a reduction.

The limit is increased or revoked 7 (seven) days after the Company has received the respective email.

3.11 Time Out from Betting (TimeOut)

If you wish to take some time out from betting, you can ask for a temporary suspension for a specific period of time either through the settings of your account or through the customer service department or by sending an email to the following .

You can ask for a temporary suspension for a period of 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days or 30 days.

This takes place right after the Company has received the respective email message. 

As soon as you activate the timeout, you will no longer be able to use your account. You will not be able to re-activate your account during the selected period. Your account will be re-activated automatically at the end of the selected time period.

While your account is de-activated, we will make every possible effort so that no advertising material is sent to you. However, you may receive advertising material which has already been sent before your request for a time-out from betting.

3.12 Self-exclusion

Self-exclusion is an official process, during which you ask for the deactivation of your account for 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or for ever either through your account settings or through the customer service department or by sending an email .

Self-exclusion takes place immediately after the Company has received the respective email message.  

The time limit of this self-exclusion can be extended any time for another 6 months minimum.

Your account will be de-activated if you choose so and you will no longer be able to use it. This process of self-exclusion is irreversible, cannot be lifted for any reason whatsoever and you cannot apply for a new account. While your account is de-activated, we will make every possible effort so that no advertising material is sent to you. However, you may receive advertising material which has already been sent before your request for self-exclusion.

At the end of the self-exclusion period, the account will remain de-activated until you contact us either through the customer service department or by email: .

The application for re-activation shall only be accepted by telephone after we have checked your identification details for your own security and for the security of your account. Your account will be re-activated 24 hours after you ask for such re-activation.

The process of self-exclusion is a joint commitment made between the Company and your account. During the self-exclusion, opening your account and/or creating a new account is explicitly prohibited. The Company shall by no means be liable in case someone succeeds in opening a new account, by-passing the control procedures nor for any direct or indirect damage. The Company reserves the right at all times to close an account which was opened by breaching this rule.

3.13 Closing of Account

If you wish to stop playing, you can close your account either through your account settings or through the customer service department or by email: .

If you choose to close your account, you will no longer have access to it. If you want to re-open your account, you will be asked to answer some additional questions in relation to your account for your own security.

If you are worried about your betting activity, if you have any concerns on the consequences of betting and you need help, please choose “Self-exclusion” or contact the customer service.

  1. Bets

4.1 The minimum bet is EUR 0.03 per column / and EUR1 per coupon or equivalent in another currency.

4.2 Bets on credit are not accepted.

4.3 The live betting programme can be modified any time due to changes in the broadcasting programme of the parties responsible for the broadcast.

4.4 In case of a bet placed at the wrong price due to a delay in the 'Live' coverage of an event, the bets shall be void.

4.5 Wherever we have reason to believe that a bet was placed at a time when the outcome of the event was known, (even if it was known only to the person who placed the bet) we reserve the right to cancel the bet.

4.6 We reserve the right to suspend betting during an event due to wrong broadcast or other technical reasons or if we suspect fraud.

4.7 We shall determine at our own discretion the end of the time available for the placement of bets.

4.8 We shall not tolerate intentional and repeated cases of late betting. We consider this to be a fraud and we shall address the matter accordingly.

4.9 Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel bets even at a later stage, if the client has won such a bet as a result of technical failure or error, including, without limitation, errors or mistakes in the broadcast. In all such cases, the amount of the bet or the game shall be credited anew to the player’s account. However, we reserve the right to consider a client responsible for any damage caused or incurred by us as a result of the fact that such client knowingly exploited a technical or handling error while payments were being made and/or collected.

4.10 If during the period for the acceptance of bets, information is made known that can determine the outcome of the bet, the deadline for the acceptance of the bets shall be determined anew or the bet shall be cancelled, at our absolute discretion.

4.11 All prices are subject to fluctuation and become fixed at the time when a bet is placed. We cannot be held responsible for any typo, human or tangible mistake leading to any errors or omissions, including the announcement, publication or marking of the prices or outcomes, which are different from the ones intended or for bets that were accepted and are against our rules. In case where a bet has been accepted based on an obvious error in relation to the return and/or there are indications regarding the altering of the outcome and/or fraudulent behaviour, we reserve the right to cancel the bet. It is understood that the National Betting Authority and the player shall be notified accordingly. Obvious mistakes in relation to the return shall be “returns” that are at least 30% higher than the average price for the specific “Bet” or combination of “Bets” given by the Cyprus betting companies (companies legally authorized by the Republic of Cyprus to conduct “Betting” activities). Indications regarding the altering of a result and/or fraudulent behaviour shall include cases where (Α) the price and/or the return of the bet has been altered and/or distorted and (Β) where there is reasonable suspicion of fraud and/or distortion of the outcome of a game with reference made to the number of bets placed and the unusually high preference of an outcome which may indicate that the players had information beforehand.

4.12 We shall not assume any responsibility regarding the correctness, fullness or update of the information services provided. Although we will try to make sure that the information/data we provide is correct and accurate, if there is a mistake, whether due to human error or due to technical problems, we shall not assume any responsibility as a result of this mistake or because part of our data has been based on anyone else. Moreover, the Company shall not assume any responsibility regarding the accuracy of live scores, statistics, bet booster information and statistics and interim results in live betting.

4.13 The client shall be responsible for informing our support services immediately if money has mistakenly been credited to the account of the Company. If this happens, this money shall not be available for use and we reserve the right to withdraw this money and cancel any transactions made through its use.

4.14 We reserve the right to refuse any bet or part of bet at all times. In case of the termination of an account by the Company, the Company shall proceed informing accordingly the player and the National Betting Authority in writing and justifying the action.   In addition, we reserve the right to close a client’s account and give a refund for the balance in his/her account, without further clarification. In this case, pending bets shall be covered.

4.15 Clients must register their betting requests as persons. Repeated requests which include the same choices made by the same or different clients may consequently be considered invalid in the following cases:

When we believe that the clients act in collusion or in an organized manner.

When the betting requests have been registered within a short period of time.

4.16 All bets are subject to acceptance by the Company and confirmation shall be provide to clients at the time when they place the bets, making the bets binding on the company.

4.17 A bet shall be valid even if one of the participants does not start or leaves the contest, unless otherwise indicated.

4.18 Clients must make sure that they understand the terms and conditions for registering a request for a bet, including the Rules, before they confirm the placement of their bet.

4.19 When you place a bet on the internet, you are exclusively responsible for the transactions of your own account. Please make sure to review your bets for any mistakes before sending them off for validation. Once a transaction has been completed, it cannot be modified. We shall not assume any responsibility for defective or double-played bets by clients, and we shall not accept requests which concern a difference between the intention and the declared intention for errors of omission or double-played bets. Clients must also review the transactions in the “Pending” section of our website following each session so as to ensure that all bets requested have been accepted.

4.20 Multiple bets (Paroli) combining different choices in the framework of the same event shall not be accepted, when the outcome of one event affects or is affected by the other. Special prices may be given for combined options. When there are no special prices available and a bet of the kind is received by mistake, it will be handled as two single bets with an equal share of the betting amount. div class="dropdown">

  1. Profits

5.1 The maximum profit per bet / betting system shall be limited to €70,000.00

5.2 The maximum profit per day shall be limited to €100,000.00

5.3 The maximum profit per week shall be limited to €200,000.00

5.4 Clients are not allowed to make multiple bets, using the same or a similar combination of events if the potential profit is higher than the one determined in paragraphs 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3. If the Company becomes aware of a user who has placed a number of bets from different accounts, then the said limits shall concern and apply to all accounts without any exception. The Company reserves the right to lock the relevant accounts and to cancel all bets placed through them. The user shall receive a refund for the amounts of the relevant bets, but not for the potential profits.

5.5 All profits shall be credited to the client’s account.

  1. Returns

6.1 All bets shall be settled based on the returns provided at the time when the bet was placed. We reserve the right to change the returns at all times.

6.2 All returns shall apply to the actual outcome at the end of the game. The extra time shall not apply, unless stated otherwise.

6.3 If a game is interrupted or cancelled, it shall be considered invalid and the returns for this game shall be determined at one unit (1.0), unless stated otherwise.

  1. Events

7.1 A game which is postposed for more than 48 hours shall be considered invalid, unless stated otherwise. The returns for such games shall be determined at one unit (1.0) for settlement reasons.

7.2 Suspicion of inappropriate conduct of a game or sports event can lead the Company to a withholding of the payments, until the case has been fully investigated. Investigations of the kind shall be carried out by the Company in collaboration with the competent government or independent authorities. Any bets placed on such events may be declared invalid and the betting amounts may be given back.

7.3 Clients are not allowed to place bets, directly or indirectly, on events in which they participate in any way. These include, without limitation, players of a game, coaches and managers or employees of the club or team. We reserve the right to take all necessary steps, especially those provided for in these Terms and Conditions, should we become aware or are informed about a breach of the kind.

  1. Errors and omissions

8.1 We reserve the right to cancel all bets made after the start of an event or in a clearly “wrong” line, i.e. obvious errors in relation to the return, as laid down in paragraph 4.11.

  1. Complaints

9.1 We are proud of the high level of services we provide through our Customer Service. Regardless of the problem faced, the competent customer service team is ready and available to handle the case quickly and effectively. In the event of any problem, simply follow the steps below and it will be resolved soon.

9.2 Step 1 – Contact the Customer Service Department. The Customer Service team is perfectly trained and fully equipped to answer any question. The service is available 7 days a week by email and telephone. In the unlikely case where our team does not reply to your questions satisfactorily, you can take the first opportunity and ask to get in touch with the head of the Customer Service team.

9.3 Step 2 – Contact the National Betting Authority of Cyprus (ΝΒΑ). On our side, we shall make every possible effort to handle effectively any concerns you may have; at the same time, if you are not satisfied, you can contact the National Betting Authority of Cyprus (ΝΒΑ). Visit to find more information about their services. In case of complaints, the National Betting Authority shall be the final judge.

  1. Private Data Protection Policy and Cookies

10.1 Acceptance of the Private Data Protection and Cookie Policy

Using the Services means accepting the Private Data Protection Policy and the Cookie Policy applicable at the time, including any amendments thereof. Please read this policy carefully to make sure you have understood our views and practices in relation to the collection, keeping, processing and transfer (as the case may be) of your data. If you do not agree with the Private Data Protection and Cookie Policy and do not want to be bound by them, please refrain from using the Services.

10.2 Changes to the Private Data Protection and Cookie Policy

We reserve the right to amend the Private Data Protection and Cookie Policy any time. Any such review shall be binding and shall take force immediately, with the changes made communicated through our website. The date when the then Private Data Protection and Cookie Policy enters in force shall be as mentioned above in this paragraph. Please check frequently for any updates of the Private Data Protection and Cookie Policy.

10.3 Data we may collect about you

We collect data about you during the account registration process for any of our services. This data is not simply restricted to your name, but may include your postal code, email address, phone number, credit/debit card data and any other obligatory data requested from you for the purpose of your registration and/or continuing to use our Services.

We may also obtain anonymous data from third-party services which, when combined with other data we have in our possession, can be enough to identify you. As soon as the combined data is enough to identify you, we shall process it in the same way as all other private data for the purpose of this Private Data Protection and Cookie Policy.

We may also collect and process the following data about you when you use our services:

Α) If you contact us, we may keep a file of this communication,

Β) Your log-in details for a future contest or offer,

C) Data regarding your visits to our Services as well as the sources and websites to which you have access, including, but not limited to, the traffic data, your geographic location and other communications data (including the IP address). We shall not export any private data (e.g. email address or your name), which may be in the preference file of the user’s browser.

D) Technical data related to the device you use to access our services.

Ε) Your communication by phone with the customer service department may be recorded for training purposes and help in the quality management sector, as well as to enable us to respond to you faster.

F) The bets, games, payments and other transactions in your account, which are analysed on a regular basis, aimed to improve the services provided to you.

You acknowledge and accept the recording and keeping of data for these purposes.

10.4 How we use your data

The data we collect is used by us in order to process your transactions and requests, and for any other purpose determined in this document. This processing includes, in some cases, the transfer of your data to third-parties processing data, which help with the execution of some Services or parts of Services. Your data may be processed in the following ways:

Α) for the general account management and for the processing of your transactions through your bank services provider

Β) for the provision of betting services

C) for checking your identification details

D) for certifying your age and the accuracy of your registration details, including the communication of this data to third parties, e.g. financial institutions and third party organizations

Ε) for serving appropriate and custom-made advertising material and content via SMS, email, phone, notifications, post or other, according to your preferences

F) for helping with troubleshooting of the system and the website administration,

G) for collecting broad demographic data about you

Η) for monitoring and improving our services

I) for carrying our surveys for the client, control and analysis

J) for risk management

Κ) for detecting and reporting fraud, cheating and money laundering

L) for giving us the ability to comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements.

10.5 For advertising and promotion purposes, we may publish the player’s user name with any profits and awards won.

  1. Exclusion and limitation of liability

11.1 The content of our website is provided “as is”. No guarantees are given, implicitly or explicitly, other than the one resulting from the law in force in relation to the accuracy of the website content indicated. We reserve the right to review the websites or to terminate access to them at any time.

11.2 We shall not bear any responsibility for any computer malfunction, failure of the telecommunications line or internet connections nor for any attempts made by you to participate in the games using methods, means or ways which are not included in ourCompany’s intentions.

11.3 We can interrupt temporarily part or all of our services for any reason at our absolute discretion. We can inform you in advance, but we are not obliged to do so, as it is reasonably practical.

  1. Intellectual property rights and access to the sites

12.1 By accessing the website of the Company, you agree with the terms and conditions of this agreement. You must not visit our site if you do not agree with these terms and conditions.

  1. Governing

You agree that accessing and using the Services, Website, Software, Data and interpreting these Terms and Conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Cyprus.

  1. Various

14.1 As a prerequisite before you use this website, you guarantee to the Company that you shall not use the website for any purpose considered illegal or prohibited based on these terms and conditions and notifications.

14.2 If any part of this agreement is defined as invalid or unenforceable according to the laws in force, including, but without limitation, disclaimers or limitations of liability, as determined above, then the term which is invalid or unenforceable shall give way to a valid and enforceable term which is more suited to the intentions (ratio) of the initial provision, while the rest of the agreement shall remain in force.

14.3 We reserve all rights that are not explicitly provided for in this document.

14.4 Disputes resulting from these Terms of Use, which cannot be resolved by the Company, must be referred for hearing to the National Betting Authority of Cyprus (ΝΒΑ), address , phone number +357 22601215, prior to the taking of any other measures. 



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