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To start using the webpage, it is necessary that you create an account. By clicking on the "Register" button at the right top of the page, you are automatically taken to the registration page, where, to complete your registration, you have to correctly fill in any personal information you are asked for.

How to play:

Single bet

By adding one selection to the betting form, the option "single" is automatically activated. In case more than one selections are added to the betting form, the option "multiple" is activated ; in spite of that, turning to the option "single", you are enabled to add a bet on each event, by placing each one as a single bet, on a single betting form!

Two or more selections are required for the option “multiple” to be activated. For winnings to be made, each one of all of these selections has to be a correct prediction.

Total Betting Odds: The total betting odds, depending on the options on the coupon.

Total Betting: The amount to be deducted from your account and calculated for the specific betting.

Maximum Possible Payment Limit: The maximum amount that can be won for the specific betting form.

Bet: You have to click on this option to proceed with confirming your betting form. In case the "Fast Betting Form" option is activated among your "extra options", clicking on the "Bet" will directly place the bet without requesting further confirmation.

Clear: Deletes every selection from the betting form.


Two or more selections are needed for this option to be activated. A system offers you the option to receive winnings, even if you have not predicted all of the outcomes in the coupon correctly, by choosing e.g. to predict correctly the outcome of any 1 out of 4 options on the betting form (any 1 of 4), any 2 out of 5 options (any 2 of 5), etc.

Lines: It displays all possible combinations of the selected events on the betting form. By clicking on the symbol> the combinations are displayed in more detail.

Banker: Fixed options. The outcome of the banker selection must be properly predicted for the possibility of winnings at the system.

Group: Possibility to select a group. You can enter certain selections in a group, creating groups from which you shall accordingly claim outcomes.

Betting: Select the betting amount for each line combination. This amount shall be multiplied by the number of won lines, in case there are any.


Change tab for a different sport, accordingly.

Under: With this option, it is predicted that less than X goals will be scored, where X is the number displayed in yellow right next to it.

Over: With this option, it is predicted that more than X goals will be scored, where X is the number displayed in yellow right next to it.

Category: Shows the category regarding the specific event. By clicking on the country or the name of that category, the betting options available on the page for this specific country or category are displayed.

Minimum number of selections: Specifies the minimum number of selections acceptable for the specific event, including itself.

More Options: Displays all available betting options for the specific event.

Betting Suggestions

Favorites: Selects random events and adds them to the betting form. You can opt for one of the default betting amounts or change it accordingly on the betting form.

Thriller: Selects random events and adds them to the betting form. The thriller option has high returns • if the prediction proves to be right, it pays well! Will you dare it?

Safe: Selects random events and adds them to the betting form. Under the "safe" option, the prediction is more likely to be verified. Will you play safe?

More options
There is a wide variety of betting options, as shown below, from which you can choose accordingly.

Latest Price Changes
Here you can see the fluctuations in the odds of events.

Increased Odds: When there is an increase in the odds of an event, this is indicated by a green triangle showing upwards.

Decreased Odds: When there is a decrease in the odds of an event, this is indicated by a red triangle showing downwards.

Finding option

Search: Type what you are looking for.

Results: Your search results are automatically displayed.

More results: In case more results are available under the keywords you have used, there will be a relevant update under the last result that is to appear. By selecting "show all" you can see all the results found.


Time zone: Ability to select time zone.

Language: Ability to opt for a language among English, Greek and Turkish.

Chat: Ability to chat with one of our customer service representatives.

Open bets
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