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1.1 Can I register more than one MegaBet accounts?

No. Each customer is only entitled to register one MegaBet account. We run checks on all new registrations regularly and the necessary actions will be taken in case it comes to our attention that a customer registered more than one accounts, as explained in our Terms and Conditions. In case you believe that you might have already registered a MegaBet account in the past but do not remember your username and/or password, contact our Customer Support for further assistance.

1.2 Why is my registration not being completed?

Firstly, please make sure that this is the first time you are registering a MegaBet account. All the details in the registration form must be completed correctly. In case a required field is not completed, if the username entered already exists, if the Terms and Conditions have not been accepted etcetera, you will receive an error message when you try to complete your registration, indicating what needs to be changed/corrected in the registration form in order for your registration to be completed.

1.3 What do I do in case I have forgotten my password?

In case you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgotten your password” next to the “Username” field and fill in the requested details. After you take the necessary steps and complete the process, you will receive a notification, to the email address saved in your MegaBet account, with instructions on how to reset your password.

1.4 What do I do in case I have forgotten my username?

In case you have forgotten your username, contact us providing your personal details (name, last name, date of birth, ID number, home address, email address, security question/answer). Our Customer Support will provide you with your username as soon as possible.

1.5 What do I do in case I have forgotten the answer to my security question?

In case you have forgotten your security question/answer combination, contact us providing your personal details (username, name, last name, date of birth, ID number, home address, email address). Our Customer Support will provide you with your security question/answer combination as soon as possible.

1.6 Can I change my password?

Yes. Just click on “My Account” under your username, click on “Profile Details”, chose the “Password” tab and follow the password change procedure.

1.7 What do I do in case my account has been blocked due to many failed login attempts?

Contact our Customer Support mentioning your account reopening request and providing your personal details (username, name, last name, date of birth, ID number, home address, email address, security question/answer). Our Customer Support team will reopen your account as soon as possible.

1.8 Can I contact you through a different email address than the one saved in my account?

In general, it is ideal to contact us through the email address saved in your MegaBet account, although you may also contact us from another email address, given that you will provide your username in the email. However, for your own safety we will only respond to the email address saved in your MegaBet account.


2.1 Where can I find the bank details for making a deposit to my MegaBet account?

When you login to your account, go to “My Account” under your username, then chose “Deposit”, click on the “Bank Transfer” tab and chose an account under “Bank account:” to display the necessary details.

2.2 Why do I receive an error message when I try to deposit?

In some cases, your deposit might not be accepted due to a temporary technical problem or due to the increased security checks performed by the financial transactions operator that we cooperate with. In case your transaction could not be completed, please try again after a while or choose one of the alternative payment methods available in your account. Please also make sure that the amount you are trying to deposit is not less than, or does not exceed, our deposit limits (please check the FAQ below).

2.3 Are there any deposit or withdrawal limits?

Yes. You can find these limits in the relevant tables of the “Account” section of our website.

2.4 Can I cancel a withdrawal that I have requested?

You may cancel a withdrawal request as long as the processing status of the withdrawal is pending. By doing this, the withdrawal amount that you have requested will be credited back to your account. This can be done in the “Withdraw” section, “History” tab, on the “Cancel” option next to the specific withdrawal request. In case the withdrawal reaches the final processing stage, the “Cancel” option is disabled and the withdrawal can no longer be cancelled.
In general, debit/credit card withdrawal requests will not be cancelled. However, in case due to a mistake a customer wishes to cancel a card withdrawal, the cancellation possibility will only be checked in case the customer contacts our Customer Support department immediately, and taking into consideration that the withdrawal is still at an initial processing stage.

2.5 Do I need to send identification documents for my first withdrawal?

Yes, for your own safety, and to comply with the obligations of our license, all customers must complete a full check identity check in order for their first withdrawal to be completed. You should upload, through the “Profile Details” section, ”Documents” tab in your MegaBet account, a copy of both sides of your official identification document, a copy of the cards that you have successfully used to deposit funds to your account as well as a copy of a utility bill under your name, where the home address should match the address entered in your MegaBet account. The withdrawal will not be completed unless your personal details have been verified.


3.1 I have accidentally placed a bet. Can it be cancelled?

No. Please double check your bet details/stake before placing a bet. Also, the bet slip requires confirmation twice before accepting a bet, to eliminate the possibility of a mistake.

3.2 How can I place a bet?

All you need to place a bet is to login to your MegaBet account and have a real money balance. If you do not have a MegaBet account yet, you can register one by clicking on the “Register” button. When you select the “Sports” or the “Live Betting” section, click on the odds of the event you wish to add and these options will then be added to your bet slip where you need to enter a stake amount, select the bet type and proceed with the bet placement. For a more detailed explanation on how to bet, please check the “Betting guide” section on our website.

3.3 How will my bet be settled in case it includes an event that was voided?

Voided events are evaluated with odds of 1.00 unit. For single bets, that means that you will receive the stake amount back to your MegaBet account. If the voided event(s) is/are part of a multi or system bet, the voided event(s) will not be taken into consideration for the evaluation of the bet slip.

3.4 What is the minimum/maximum stake amount?

The minimum stake is 1.00 euro per bet slip. The maximum stake per bet slip depends on the selected event(s). In case the stake you enter exceeds the maximum stake limit for that event, you will not be allowed to place that bet and will receive a message informing you accordingly.

3.5 How do I know that my bet was accepted?

A bet can be considered to have been accepted by the company as soon as it appears in the “Betting History” section of your account. Another indication that your bet has been placed is that as soon as this happens, a box with the bet details will appear. If you click on “Show Betting History” you will be directed to your betting history section where you can find the bet in question as well as all of your successfully placed bets.

3.6 How do I know if my bet was a winning one?

Just check the “Betting History” section in your account. You can filter by result, live/non live and select the date when the bet was placed. Click on “Show Results” to display the bet in question. In case you know the bet slip ID you can search for that bet slip directly in the “Search by id” tab.

3.7 Why was my bet cancelled?

A bet might be cancelled for several reasons, for example in case it was placed after the result was known, in case the odds are proved to have been incorrect etc. All possible reasons for which a bet might need to be cancelled can be found in our General Terms and Conditions. In case you are unsure why your bet was cancelled, please contact our Customer Support team for further information.

3.8 Why was my bet not settled yet?

In general, bets are settled soon after the result is known. We do our best to settle bets as soon as possible, however, in case there is an unusual delay in the settlement of your bet, please contact our Customer Support team.

3.9 While placing my bet I receive the message that I exceed the winning limit. How high is this limit?

The winning limits differ according to the sport and market. You can find them in the “Sport bet types and limits” section of our website. Additionally, some events might have a different winning limit, accordingly. In case the bet you are about to place exceeds the maximum winning limit for that event, you will not be allowed to place that bet and receive a message informing you accordingly.
In case bets which display a possible maximum winning amount that is higher than the actual maximum winning amount of these bets are accepted, the payment will be done according to the maximum payout limit that is in place for these specific bets, independently of the possible winning amount that appeared while placing the bets or that appears on the bet slips.

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